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MANTIS 1PERCENT - two great pools!

A big THANK-YOU to everyone that has delegated to the MANTIS pools! You folks are legends and rock stars and your loyalty to MANTIS is greatly appreciated every single day.

By March 2021, the saturation level for all pools will reduce again. So, over the next 3 months the goal for MANTIS is for both pools, MANT and MANT2, to have at least 30 million in delegation.

This week, we are asking for 5 current delegators of MANT pool to switch over to the MANT2 pool. Can you help us out by doing that? GREATLY APPRECIATED!!
MANT2 only needs a few large delegators to push it to the point where it will produce blocks every single epoch.

How much Rewards did I earn?

Incredibly Low 1% delegation fee
MantisPool first Block MantisPool ten blocks MantisPool one hundred blocks
MantisPool2 first Block
Staking (delegating) ada

A period of 5 days.


The amount of ada the owners of the stakepool have to delegate to their own pool. The pledge setting is set during stakepool registration by the owners and the owners have to honor that pledge amount by delegating that amount to their own pool. If they do not honor the pledge then pool rewards decrease. The influence factor of the pledge is currently set to 0.3 so it is currently rather small. This influence factor will increase in value once full decentraliztion occurs.

Active Stake versus Live Stake

Active Stake means stake based upon which the rewards for the pool will be calculated. Live Stake means stake which is currently delegated to the pool.

Example: Let's say that we are now in epoch 208. Both active stake and live stake of the pool is 0. Now delegators start delegating to the pool (in epoch 208). In total 100,000 ada is staked to the pool at the end of epoch 208. Live stake is now 100,000 for the pool. This stake becomes active stake in epoch 210. For stake to become active stake it takes current epoch (208) + 1 full epoch (209), so for this example active stake in epoch 210 is 100,000 ada. During epoch 209 delegators might decide to join or leave the pool. Let's say that 2 delegators decide to delegate to the pool each with 20,000 ada, and one delegator delegating 30,000 ada decided to move to a different pool, then the live stake will be 100,000 + 20,000 + 20,000 - 30,000 = 110,000 ada. If this live stake is the value at the end of epoch 209, then this amount will become the active stake in epoch 212 (current epoch + 1 full epoch). In epoch 211, the active stake remains 100,000 ada, as in epoch 210.

Stakepool block production and schedule

During epoch transition (going from one epoch to the next) a block schedule is determined and the blocks are assigned to the stake pools. The number of blocks assigned to stakepools is based upon their active stake, however, there is no guarantee one or more blocks are assigned. When the blocks are going to be produced nobody knows and is completely random. Don't worry if the pool hasn't produced any blocks during the first couple of days because it might be that the blocks are scheduled near the end of the epoch.

Pool cost (cost per epoch) and margin

The pool cost of a pool are the costs the pool calculates and should equal the cost the operators (owners) have to make for running the pool. Think about hardware investments, internet connection costs, labor, etc. The margin of the pool is the profit the operators (owners) grant themselves. Example: Let's say the total rewards for the pool in a particular epoch are 10,000 ada. The pool cost are set to 340 and the margin is set to 2%. First the pool costs are taken off the total rewards: 10,000 - 340 = 9,660 ada. Then from that remainder the margin is taken off: 9,660 - (2% of 9,660) = 9,466.80 ada remaining. This remaining 9,466.80 ada is divided across the delegators relatively to their percentage of delegated ada.

Reward calculation and pay outs

Rewards are being calculated in the epoch before the epoch in which the rewards are being paid out. Example: In epoch 209 you delegated your ada to a stakepool. This delegated stake became active stake in epoch 211. The stakepool you delegated your ada to, did produce blocks, so will receive rewards, and with that, you will too. During epoch 212 the rewards will be calculated. In the beginning of epoch 213 the rewards will be paid out.

Here is a great graphic from our friends at CashFlow Pool that summarizes the delegation process

Cardano Staking Schedule
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